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TeamViewer is simple to set-up on your phone and simple to connect with your computer. It’s smooth and useful for anyone that is just now begging a business or have a lot of their personal work on their computer that they constantly need to access on the go. It is a cross-platform software and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can have multiple connection with people and be able to send people things like software, or a word text document without them having to download it.


The controversial universally feared hobby of hacking, is terrifying and most hackers can use this app to get full access of your computer or mobile device. A security breach that happens on one device can also give the information of the other devices that’s connected with it. Also their is an error that is common if you try to connect to a certain type of PC it will print “commercial use detected” and limit your use. It also tends to perform its worse on older Android devices or low spec devices.

Bottom Line:

So should the you join the team?

Yes, TeamViewer is extremely useful and can help entrepreneurs launching their business or people that uses their personal computer so much that they need to access it on the go. Aside from the security problems that can pose, it’s definitely a must get for everybody.