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The smart and unique design brings Waze up to the competition of Apple Maps. Even though this wouldn’t be a great substitute for Google maps, it’s still an amazing app for those who would prefer something else. It still stands strong as a standalone app and Google’s ownership of the company hasn’t taken a huge impact on its outstandingly smart algorithm and intelligent navigation. Its data driven, community based software works like magic and no matter the circumstances or the complexity of the road the fastest route will always show.


There are no pedestrian, bicycle, or slow moving truck directions. At times, the icons can be hard to distinguish, and at areas with large amount of traffic icons it can make it hard to read.

Bottom Line:

Ride the Waze

So should you use Waze? There are much better options now compared to Waze, and any navigation app that isn’t Google Maps or Apple Maps isn’t really taken seriously. But that doesn’t take away the fact that Waze still holds its own identity. The community driven app is still unique and outstanding. Its crowd-sourced data and its amazing algorithms that collects data from your frequent drives; this app is still a great investment of your time.