Uber (Get Taxi Service)

Uber (Get Taxi Service)

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  • Great way for drivers to know where they can make more money
  • Customers have a wide variety of payment methods
  • As a customer, you can leave your review/feedback about the driver
  • Real time maps that they you exactly where the Uber driver is.


Despite there is a lot of information regarding the driver’s earnings, it’s still incomplete. Drivers need to rely on Uber’s information, without having any way to control it. Drivers don’t access any information regarding their total cost management, like driving expenses or fuel cost. Customers don’t always know they have the ability to rate their drivers.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Uber app is a good app either for drivers as well as for passengers. However, drivers can’t connect between them (which could improve their work), and Uber is the one who decides on the rates. For passengers, this is a great app that allows you to search for the best drivers.