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The Instagram App is available for Android and Apple devices and it’s still free. And now, along with the ability to share your videos and photos, the possibility of adding many different effects and filters, you also have the chance to share your live-shot videos and photos with your contacts and they will disappear in 24 hours.

Instagram App Review:

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With the most recent Instagram update to include Instagram Stories, the Instagram app had to suffer some changes. However, you don’t need to worry because the app remains as functional as it used to be.

With a community of over 500 million people, the Instagram app is one of the best when it comes to express yourself through images and videos as well as to connect with your friends and family and see what they have been up to.

App Interface / Usability:

With this update, you might feel a little strange when you open the Instagram app. Instead of the bright-orange color, you’ll now have a black and white look.

However, the interface and usability remain as good as they were, where the photos still have a relevant place. You might also notice that the icons changed a bit. They are now with a line-draw look similar to the Windows 10 settings menu.


The Instagram App has so many different features that it’s almost difficult to mention all:

Tweak the Images

Editing photos within the Instagram App remain as simple as they were. Just take the photo by tapping on the camera button on the bottom. Once you took it, you can use the Lux tool to choose the automatic lighting. However, the real power of the Instagram App comes by tapping on the Edit icon. With many different image adjustments that include color temperature, brightness, highlights, saturation, contrast, sharpening, and even shadows.

The Filter Adjustments

With 40 different filters, there’s a lot to choose from. And since the Instagram App is so user-friendly, you can choose the ones you use more frequently and manage them to appear when you tap the Manage button.

Instagram Stories

You’ll be able to see the Stories feature right on the top of the screen in the row of user circles. Within Instagram Stories you can create a stream of videos and photos that will disappear after 24 hours. When you’re using this feature for the first time, you’ll get a helpful message explaining how it works. However, it’s pretty much straightforward. You just need to click on the broken circle that has a plus sign on the top left of your screen, and press and hold for a video or simply tap for a photo. You can also use markers, pens, and brushes, add some text to your images, among others.

In order to view others’ Stories, just tap on the video or photo.

Despite one of the main advantages when you create an Instagram Story is the ability to show it only to the people who you want, the Instagram App is missing an important detail. When you want to prevent some users from seeing your Story you’ll need to exclude them one by one. There should be an easier and faster way to do it.

Sharing Your Photos And Videos

You can share your photos and images through Facebook, Twitter, Swarm, Tumblr, Flickr, and Mixi, besides using your email.

One of the things that changed some time ago is the way how you see the photos and videos from your followers. They changed their algorithm to allow you to easily see the photos you might have missed. However, this feature isn’t consensual among all users of the Instagram App.

These are only the main features that the Instagram App allows you to use. However, there are much more.

Differences Between Android & iOS Versions:

There are no significant differences between the Instagram App for Android and for Apple users.

  • Very easy to use interface;
  • Powerful photo shooting with many editing features;
  • 40 different filters to use;
  • Easy to shoot videos as well as to edit and share them;
  • You can choose to use private sharing.
  • There should be other options to display the images shared by your followers;
  • The in-app camera should have more features;
  • There is no metadata on the camera.
Bottom Line

The Instagram App is one of the best apps you can have on your mobile devices. Allowing you to stay in touch with your followers and the ability to enhance your photos and videos is a must. Despite with the Stories your images will lack some quality, however, they will all be deleted within a day.

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