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Kik Messenger is a free instant messenger program for mobile devices from Kik Interactive, accessible on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone operating systems. Kik Messenger modeled after BlackBerry Messenger. Kik Messenger has 150million Users. It works on the smartphone’s data plan or Wifi receive and to conduct messages, pictures, videos, sketches, web pages and other content after users register a username. Kik allows for group chats and offers efficient messaging alternatives like sending images, text, and video. Additionally, it has the first built in browser on any smartphone messenger application; this provides you the possibility to browse and share site content with your friends, without leaving the chat window. There is no need for a mobile number to talk to anyone.

Kik Review:

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Free Of Charge:

Among the most useful attribute is the fact that this Kik messenger program is entirely free of charge. Meaning you’ll be able to send SMS and unlimited text for your loved ones without paying a single cent.


It’s possible for you to ask any family members and your friends to converse with you. You can encourage anyone to chat with you from any place in the world.

Group Chat:

You feel quite irritating for sending distinct individual in the different time single message, you feel it. But by a single click, it is possible to send a single message to multiple and separate individuals with Kik messenger. You should just make an organization of these particulars people.


When you get & send messages, you will be informed when they have sent & delivered messages.

Social Integration:

It’s possible for you to connect to other popular like other social platforms like Social Cam Instagram and Viddy to easily share your pictures as well as videos.

Online friends:

In Kik Messenger, you can set your status as you want & you can see whether your friend is online or not. With this, you can see when your friend is last visited Kik messenger app.

  • Fantastic Features: Kik lets you message buddies with pictures and texts in real-time along with supplies you with added tools like the sketch pad and built in browser. We discovered hundreds of programs that were connected could found to make messaging more participating.
  • Nice Designs: using Kik is hardly difficult due to the little number of windows and buttons featured in this program. Chat dialog color schemes may alter to among the eight layouts that were accessible.
  • Faster Performance: When sending messages Kik performs. You’ll have the ability to find out if they may be now typing a message on their apparatus as nicely as in case the message has been received and opened by your chat partner.
  • Sometimes this Kik messenger is wrong without understanding you since you may found on Kik messenger. That means people can find you without telling them you possess the service. People you might or might not know have the freedom to text message you anytime they desire.
  • With this particular program, you can’t tell your buddies you want to dismiss them.
  • You can’t block anyone in KIK messenger.
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